In Case You Missed It- November 21, 2014


Cinderella trailer debuts!! Walt Disney Studios released its first trailer for the live action Cinderella and it left most of us speechless. This Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Jack Ryan) film looks as though it will rival Maleficent in style and scenery. The fact that Kate Blanchett is playing the Evil Stepmother brings us a dynamic villain and based on her past work with transforming herself into memorable characters it should be a superb choice . And speaking of transformation, Helen Bonham Carter looks absolutely hilarious as the Fairy God Mother. Looks like she has traded her enlarged head for a wand.  And then there’s Lily James as Cinderella…….WOW. No need to say more. The one interesting item I got from public response was the fact no one knew about this movie. This trailer should wake them up. Reports claim the story will stay on point with the original but time will tell. We can be assured a great interpretation with classically trained Branagh at the helm. Was the trailer what you expected??  Also note that Annie Leibovitz photographed the official poster.

Disneyland in full Christmas décor- The end of last week launched the official Christmas season for the Disneyland resort. This not only included both parks but also Downtown Disney. Olaf greeted guests at the second annual “Olaf’s Ice skating Rink” opened to a huge crowd. The Frozen soundtrack can be heard billowing throughout the area and the hot chocolate is flowing. In Disneyland, all the attractions have dressed in their holiday attire. The Jingle Cruise also expanded its offering with a dramatic increase of holiday joy! Fruit Cakes was the theme of the year and we hope it brings you joy.  Mr. Mortown was fortunate enough to spend the majority of the last week in the park and has posted a number of pictures below. Enjoy.

Kree and Carter. As the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D continues to entertain we received some confirmation we’ve been expecting for some while now. The Blue alien we met at the end of Season 1 was indeed a Kree as confirmed by a SHIELD Producer. This along with the floating city that Culson is searching for connects a number story lines and may lead us directly to The Inhumans story arc. If Marvel is planning the series similar to the rest of its universe you can bet that this has all been planned out to a tee. They also let us see Agent Carter again tightening her role within the Marvel story line. I really enjoy were this series is going and its showing us its legs by tying so many Marvel story lines together. Have you started watching yet?? If not, I recommend to do so.

Pixar back and swinging!! After taking a back seat for the last year to other Disney projects the mindtrust at Pixar has us looking in their direction again. After an incredible teaser trailer for Inside Out we now get know our characters even better with this short character clip. Amy Poehler has brought her unique humor to the big screen and will compliment the Pixar library very well.  This Pixar original has all the promise to be completely surprising with the story and direction (Monsters Inc. and Wall-E).  We also received some new details on The Good Dinasour from the LA Times on its new direction and flow. The premise is great:” What if the commit never hit the earth?’ Well, I guess they are going to tell us.

Star Wars Teaser Trailer?? Internet rumors ran wild this week not only on when it may be shown (Prior to Lord of the Rings 3) but a frame by frame description.  Well, the first rumor was deemed wrong as a spokesperson shot it down pretty emphatically. So that is that, and as far as the trailer itself, like Public Enemy says…..Don’t Believe the Hype”.

Peets Dragon finding its leading lady? Looks as though Bryce Dallas Howard is in negotiation for the Peets Dragon reboot. Filming will start in New Zealand next year. Don’t know how I feel about this because the Original was never a big Disney hit. I think the biggest play it received was in the Disneyland Electrical Parade!!

Crossbones suits up for Cap 3!! We had a brief chance to meet Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow in Cap 2 and if you recall he exited in a charred fashion. The Marvel comic books had Rumlow eventually helm the Crossbones attire and reports are confirming this will be the case for Captain America 3. Wonder how he will play into the Civil War and what side he takes….or will he battle both?

Strange Magic. Lucasfilm has released its first trailer for the non-Star Wars related animated feature Strange Magic. The visuals look stunning but we didn’t get much in terms of story. It looks like a cross between Labrynth and one of the Tinkerbell movies. Let’s see if the studio can be successful in its first animated outing. What do you think about the trailer?  


Disney Archive Addition of the Week: This is an unopened set of ten (10) hand-painted PVC play figures of characters from The Jungle Book, which was produced for promotional purposes only and not available for public sale. Packaging bears the copyright: "©MCMLXVI Walt Disney Productions." Included are Mowgli, Baloo, Col. Hathi, Shere Khan, Baby Elephant, King Louie, Bagheera and three monkeys. On the back is a synopsis of the movie story.   More>